All You Need To Know About World Boxing Association?

Are you a boxing fan? If so, you’ve likely heard of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

This governing body has been around since 1921 and is one of the most renowned and influential in professional boxing.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the WBA’s past and present operations, as well as its effects on the sport. Plus, we’ll explore some of the top stars in WBA-sanctioned matches and highlight their best performances.

So if you’re searching for all you need to know about the World Boxing Association, then this is where you should start.

History of the WBA: From Its Inception to Today

Since its inception in 1921, the World Boxing Association (WBA) has been a leader in the sport of boxing. As the oldest of the four major boxing organizations, it has seen many changes over the years, including a shift toward a more international focus in recent decades.

The World Boxing Association (WBA) was founded in 1962 as the National Boxing Association (NBA).Today, it boasts more than 200 member countries and territories across the globe.

It is responsible for sanctioning title fights and rating professional boxers on an international level, as well as setting rules and regulations for amateur boxing competitions.

The WBA’s long history of providing fair and safe competition for boxers from around the world makes it an essential part of the sport today. Its commitment to excellence is evident in its continued growth and efforts to ensure a level playing field for all competitors.

Discontent Over US Domination: The Impact on Other Nations

The World Boxing Association (WBA) has been accused of giving preferential treatment to US boxers over those from other countries. This has caused a great deal of discontent in other nations, particularly in Latin America, as fighters from outside the US are not given the same opportunities to compete for championship titles as their American counterparts.

Allegations have been made that the WBA is biased against international boxers and not taking into account the talent from around the world. Moreover, reports have surfaced that some fights have been fixed to ensure an American boxer wins a title fight. There are even claims of corruption within the organization, with some executives accused of not caring about international boxing or its fans.

The impact of these issues on other nations is undeniable. The lack of recognition for their athletes can be deeply disheartening, leading to dissatisfaction and resentment against the US-dominated WBA.

Dodgy Dealings Inside the WBA: Allegations and Investigations

The World Boxing Association (WBA) has been rocked by allegations of corruption, including bribery, match fixing, and racketeering. The FBI is currently investigating some of the company’s executives for their involvement in these dodgy dealings.

Gilberto Mendoza, the former WBA president, is at the center of the scandal. He has been accused of using bribes to fix fights and manipulate rankings to benefit certain promoters and managers.

The FBI is looking into his employees as well as those of his associates.

These charges have sparked serious concerns about the WBA’s legitimacy and transparency. It remains to be seen what will come out of the investigation and if any individuals will be held accountable for their conduct.

In the meantime, boxing fans are hoping that justice will be served and that any wrongdoing within the organization will be exposed.

Executives Accused of Not Caring: Neglecting Fighters and Fans

The WBA’s executives have been accused of neglecting fighters and fans, leaving many feeling abandoned.

Fighters are not receiving fair compensation or appropriate medical assistance, while fans are unaware of upcoming fights or changes to rules and regulations.

Worse yet, the WBA has been accused of prioritizing money over providing a quality experience for fans or ensuring fighter safety.

This gross disregard for fighters and fans is unacceptable and must be addressed immediately.

It is essential that the WBA take action to ensure that fighters are given fair compensation and appropriate medical care post-fight, as well as protection from dangerous fights.

Furthermore, fan contact should be increased so that they are informed about forthcoming fights or changes to laws and regulations.

Ultimately, the organization must shift its focus away from money and toward providing a quality service to all parties involved in boxing.

The WBA must take responsibility for its behavior and start caring more about fighters and fans.

Controversial Results: Unfair Match-Ups and Poor Judging

The World Boxing Association (WBA) has come under fire for allowing controversial match-ups and poor judging. In the past, some fighters have been permitted to face opponents in a weight class that was too far out of their reach, resulting in an unequal fight.

Additionally, the WBA has been criticized for allowing judges to make decisions that have been seen as biased and unjust.

In response to these issues, the WBA has implemented new rules and regulations to ensure fairness in match-ups and more accurate judging. However, there are still concerns that the WBA is not doing enough to protect fighters from unfair match-ups and poor decision-making.

It is essential that the WBA take all necessary measures to safeguard fighters from unfair match-ups and biased judging.

All competitors deserve a fair chance to compete on an even playing field with accurate judgments, and it is only right that they do.

It is also critical that boxing enthusiasts have faith in the outcomes of the fights they watch.

Too Many Championships: Confusion for Boxers and Fans

Boxing has a long and illustrious history, but the World Boxing Association (WBA) has recently come under fire for having too many titles, causing confusion among both fans and boxers alike.

The WBA currently offers five distinct championships: world, super, interim, regular, and silver.

Unfortunately, this means that multiple boxers can hold the same title at once, making it difficult to determine who is the true champion.

Furthermore, boxers have voiced their concerns about the lack of transparency in how titles are awarded and defended.

Critics also argue that having too many titles devalues them and makes it hard for fans to follow boxing.

It’s clear that something needs to be done to ensure that boxing remains an enjoyable sport for everyone.

With so many championships being offered by the WBA, it’s important to make sure they are properly regulated and respected by both fans and boxers alike.

Otherwise, boxing could become a confusing mess with no clear winners or losers—something nobody wants to see happen.

The Future of the WBA: What’s Next for This Organization?

The WBA is looking to the future with a focus on creating a more transparent and accountable organization. To achieve this, they are reducing the number of championship belts and introducing new rules to ensure fair treatment for all fighters. These include increased drug testing and improved safety measures.

Moreover, the WBA is investing in the quality of their judging and refereeing, as well as creating more opportunities for female boxers. Furthermore, they are taking steps to ensure that their rankings are accurate and up to date so that fans can trust the outcomes of fights.

Overall, these changes demonstrate the WBA’s commitment to making boxing a safe and fair sport. With these updates in place, wrestling fans can look forward to an exciting future for this organization.


The World Boxing Association (WBA) has been a major player in the boxing world for almost a century, boasting some of the most legendary champions in history. Despite its tumultuous past and US-centric focus, the WBA remains one of the most influential governing bodies in professional boxing today.

The company is taking steps to ensure fairness and transparency by reducing the number of championships and introducing new ones. Plus, they are investing in quality assessment and refereeing, as well as providing more opportunities for female boxers.

The future of the WBA is uncertain, but one thing is certain: this respected organization will continue to be an integral part of boxing for many years to come. Let’s celebrate our favorite boxers and help the WBA make more history.

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